Palazzo Jannuzzi – Sorrento

Palazzo Jannuzzi stands in the heart of Sorrento, overlooking the center of the famous Piazza Tasso.
The Relais is run by the Jannuzzi Family and they are also the owners of the large establishment located in the same building.

Please rest assured that the good service and experience of “ The Jannuzzi Family” will be continued with their “Relais”. This family ships throughout the world the art of Sorrento , its inlaid wood works , magnificent embroideries and potteries. Since 1852 it has been the oldest and most reliable place in town. Completed in 2011, “PALAZZO JANNUZZI RELAIS“, was totally renovated. The building belongs to the Jannuzzi family, and it was the last residence of the Cav. Amedeo Jannuzzi and his wife Assunta Gargiulo Jannuzzi (The Matriarch of the Family) and their eleven children.

The grandchildren wanted to express gratitude and appreciation to their grandparents’ memory. They wanted to bring the building back to its original splendour. It has taken more than a years work and sacrifice, with particular attention to detail.

Now, Palazzo Jannuzzi Relais is ready!