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The Jannuzzi family has owned their palazzo on Sorrento's main Piazza Tazzo since 1852, when it was both the residence of Amedeo, his wife Assunta, and their eleven children and the location of their large store selling local artisan crafts and artwork, including inlaid wood objects, handsewn embroidery, and fine ceramics.

In 2011, Amedeo and Assunta's grandchildren undertook a complete renovation of their family's historic palazzo, restoring it to its original splendour and honoring the memory of their beloved grandparents. Today, the palazzo is one of the most beautiful on Piazza Tasso and home to their contemporary B&B and their historic fine arts store. sacrifice, with particular attention to detail.

Sorrento has an incomparable geographical and political position, which is why this coastal town has been a popular vacation destination since ancient times. With each new wave of visitors, Sorrento's culture and history is influenced and today this modern resort town carries with it sign of everyone from the ancient Greeks to Hollywood divas.

The etymology of the name “Sorrento” is not entirely certain: some scholars trace it to the myth of the Sirens (Sirentum) while others argue that the term derives from the Greek word which means “contributes“ or “flows”, relating to the hydrological and morphological layout of the Sorrento peninsula, marked by two rivers that flow into the sea. Some archaeologists have found traces of settlements dating back to Neolithic times in the hills surrounding Sorrento, and fragments can be seen in the Museum Correale of Sorrento and in Vallet Gorge Museum of Villa Fondi in Piano di Sorrento (tombs of the civilization of Gavdos).

Among the famous and illustrious people who visited Sorrento were Lord Byron, John Keats, Walter Scott and Goethe.

Sorrento is the birthplace of Italy's famous poet Torquato Tasso (1544-1595), and the city’s main square is dedicated to him and holds a statue in his honor. Tasso wrote the famous Gerusalemme Liberata and is considered the most famous and influential Italian poet of the sixteenth century.

The famous tenor Enrico Caruso loved Sorrento and visited many times, especially during his convalescence after surgery. The great modern singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, who dedicated a song to Enrico Caruso, holds great affection for Sorrento and has become an honorary citizen.

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